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While I may no longer technically be in Israel, I have no intention of stopping who I am or what I am about. We all know the timeless Chabad teaching of "Mach Doh Eretz Yisael" - its very empowering. I'll let you know about my journey, my struggles and my dreams. JaHbless.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

new outpost in israel!

Today, a new out post began construction "Kumi Ori"
I was there to help, there wasn't much action, but its just the beginings...
right now...just some photos...


Anonymous #2 said...

wow, moish, just got back from woodford. 20 words or less:
music, martini (best mates), street theatre, dancing, drumming, chai tea (ugh, no more) dressed (yes, me!) lena, friends, jews, camping, hot (like 50C - ice and fans) blues, musicians, freedom, amazing -
thats 20 words but moish, it was such a good experience.
happy birthday, happy chanuka, happy new year (to hell with last year), peace, clarity, health, hashem, blessings.

9:55 PM  
Anonymous #2 said...

dressed as in dresses as in DressEs

9:56 PM  
Blogger subjewd said...

this year, peace in mind body and soul!

5:24 AM  
Anonymous #2 said...

the more i think about it, my friends friend is my friend, but not my close friend. i respect them straight away and am open to their friendship, but we are not close with eachother, and therefore friends friends are not soul brothers/sisters. right?? um. yup.

1:55 PM  

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