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While I may no longer technically be in Israel, I have no intention of stopping who I am or what I am about. We all know the timeless Chabad teaching of "Mach Doh Eretz Yisael" - its very empowering. I'll let you know about my journey, my struggles and my dreams. JaHbless.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Rushing and then some peace...

What a rush, to get out of bed, make some lunch get to shul, and head to uni to get in time, its a challenge.
Someone else (a goy prehaps) doesn't need as much time. They don't need to wash negel vasser, daven, they can buy food at uni itself...

A Yid on the other hand is lucky, we have a process, everything is set in an order, we appreciate the small things. We take nothing for granted, especially time...

So, I drove to uni today, and took along a blanket and pillow. Right near my uni is the beautiful Fitzroy Gradens, during my lunch break, I lay out under some trees, and had the best sleep ever.

Here is the sky I was looking up at (in black and white)


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