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While I may no longer technically be in Israel, I have no intention of stopping who I am or what I am about. We all know the timeless Chabad teaching of "Mach Doh Eretz Yisael" - its very empowering. I'll let you know about my journey, my struggles and my dreams. JaHbless.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

if I forget thee jerusalem...

Its been a couple of difficult days. I am so angry. I feel like I have been raped by the israeli police. Friday, everyone I saw in uniform i felt rage against - its going to take a while for me to get over Amona. Images of destruction and brutality replay in my head, I can't get them out.
Shabbos, as I was davening, I burst into tears. I was crying my eyes out. Its all very overwhelming. Then, at shabbos lunch, some people tried justifing the actions of the police.I nearly vomited. How dare, anyone, ever, say that beating 15 year old kids, with metal rods, is ever justified.
I couldn't sing niggunim, I couldn't share torah, I didn't even have a story to tell. What has happened to me?!
So much for my last shabbos in Jerusalem...
Yes, I'm leaving Monday, but I haven't given it a thaught. I don't have room in my mind right now.

I will finish my personal story on Amona soon, also, there was a photographer on my roof, and I am getting his pictures tomorow which I will post on the blog.
I am praying so hard for Moshaich, it must be coming soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please UPDATE!

4:07 PM  
Blogger subjewd said...

its coming, i've had heaps to do , and i do't have my own computer so its hard to get to, you'll get the full update by shabbos...

9:59 PM  
Blogger the sabra said...


in other words, i share ur sentiments PRECISELY. or rather, shared. (im catchin up on all these old posts of yours...wonder if ull ever see these comments, actually)

what did you feel when you saw arabs afterwards?

4:52 PM  

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